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I appreciate the duality between the analysis and the settings of the SpotPilot “all-in-one” screen. We can quickly vary prices, manage exposure and restrictions based on our real-time analyses. SpotPilot allows us to implement our strategy, memorize our actions and monitor their impact. We also use it to optimize our direct sales at the reception desk, which with SpotPilot can offer the right price to the right customer in record time and according to our instructions transmitted directly in the tool.

Annabelle Van Maenenen

Hotel Fabric

Spot Pilot has become an essential “All-in-one” tool for group management. Controlled by our Revenue Manager and connected to the PMS and Booking Engine, it provides a daily overview of the activity, pick ups and scale-ups, and an old competitive edge. It is a real analytical and decision-making support that allows us to optimize the capacity of our 5 facilities.

Stéphanie Batten / general manager – sisterhotels group.

Stephanie Batten

Sister Hotels

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