Our customers talk about it

All Libertel hotel teams have adopted SpotPilot. It is impossible to do without this intelligent tool, connected to our PMS and Channel Manager! SpotPilot allows us to adapt our pricing strategy in a few clicks thanks to customized scenarios: rates, restrictions, distribution channels… All this in multi-hotel mode essential for fast and efficient supervision. Increased productivity and profitability guaranteed!

Cinthia Humeau

Libertel Hotels Paris

Thanks to SpotPilot we have a global overview of what is happening in and around our establishment. Knowing in real time who is booking, when and at what price, allows us to easily decide on the strategy to adopt each day. The application being connected to our Pms, Channel Manager and BookingEngine, we manage all our marketing from a single screen.

Arnaud Pitoun

Hotel Le Vignon

Since we use SpotPilot on our facilities, we can instantly manage our entire distribution. We have on a single screen in real time, reservations, prices, distribution channels, this is a real asset in our marketing strategy and optimization of our revenues.

Audrey Albar

Hotels Ducs D’anjou

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